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Philadelphia Junk Removal Specialists The more people in a property, the more junk accumulates. Commercial properties get it the worst. With hundreds or thousands of people moving through them daily, it’s no wonder property owners are left searching for commercial junk removal in Philadelphia. Property managers need to deal with furniture tenants leave behind on…

We work hard to provide a very valuable and junk removal service! Tired of seeing that junk lay around and want rid of it??We will get the job done for you – no job is too small or too big. Call us today for a free quote!

Call to schedule  a FREE on-site no obligation estimate . Junkguy’s has been providing junk removal and Haul services to Washington DC for over 10 years now. Visit our website : http://www.junkguysphilly@gmail.com or email us at Junkguysphilly@gmail.com/215-515-0022 If you have any comments or questions please contact me.